The Canada Race

About Us

Eh! I’m Edwin Van Damme a full time developer from Toronto – Canada. I love to use the hottest technologies to create mobile or web apps. My favorite platform is Mac.

I have spent some time during COVID-19 Pandemic 👑🦠 creating a game. I built a game to experience the beauty of Canada even when you home inside #STAYSAFE. This game is created using SWIFT 5.0 and Spritekit.

I added a few premium levels. These levels are special levels that you can only play if you pay (using TCR Coins) to help support me 😉.


My Skill

Swift 5.0 80%
JavaScript 75%
Google Associate Cloud Engineer 65%
Web Designer 70%


If you got feedback 🧐 let me know and send an email (go to support page).